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  Program1: Live Aboard Itenary 01 Tour Code : D101
  Program2: Live Aboard Itenary 02 Tour Code : D102
  Program3: Live Aboard Itenary 03 Tour Code : D103
  Program4: Live Aboard Itenary 04 Tour Code : D104
  Program5: Live Aboard Itenary 05 Tour Code : D105
  Program6: DIVING COURSES Tour Code : D2
  Program7: OFF SHORE DIVING 08 Days / 07 Nights Tour Code : D3


The Open Water Diver course is divided into Three Segments:

-Academic Training.
-Confined Water Training.
-Open Water Dives.

Academic Training: will give the candidate the basic diving principles and knowledge that they will need for safe and enjoyable diving.

Confined Water Training: takes place in a protected environment and teaches the basic skill of diving that prepare the candidate for the open water dives.

-These segments will be taught to the candidate in 5 modules, as follows:

Course duration: Minimum 4 days/Maximum 5days.

Equipment is provided for each candidate (including the price of course).

Minimum students required to start the course is 2 pax, maximum per class 6 pax.

Pool session.

Number of Open water dives :04.

Parents guardian approval is required if age is under 18 years old.

Minimum accepted age is 12 years old candidate.

Medical certification is needed. In case client is coming without the medical certificate, Clients can obtain it directly here on spot for 50.00 US$.

If the number of clients is small and when the skills required to be performed by the candidate are performed according to the standards required the course can be run in 4 days rather than 5 days. The standards of the course are exactly the same, the only difference being that with a big group, things take more time.


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